We’re Your Neighbors!

We’re Your Neighbors!

The Fairhaven Lumber Company was founded by John J. Kalife in 1951 on Spring Street in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. John saw that the area was prospering. He started Fairhaven Lumber to ensure local contractors had quality building materials.

There was no business plan other than to provide the best products and customer service. The fledgling Fairhaven Lumber Company did well and, in 1963, moved to a new and larger location on Alden Road. Today, John’s son Jimmy continues to operate the much expanded company at the same location. Jimmy continues to build on the strong and stable foundation his dad began and is proud to announce that his son Johnny has joined the Fairhaven Lumber team to continue the family tradition.

In 1971, the LOJO Wood Pallet shop was added to design and manufacture custom boxes and skids for industries looking to ship goods overseas and in the United States alike. After more than forty years, the shop is still supplying industrial and manufacturing customers.

Fairhaven Lumber has also added insulation installation services and developed an excellent kitchen and bath department.

The company’s delivery fleet runs six days a week, locally and travels to Rhode Island, Boston and Cape Cod as well.

Everyone here strives to guarantee courteous service, quality building materials and prompt delivery. Sixty plus years later John’s pride in a job well done is still evident!